Digital Asset Vending Equipment (D.A.V.E.)

2-Way Bitcoin ATM

  • Buy & Sell Bitcoin
  • Buy & Sell 100+ Altcoins via Integration
  • Bitstamp Exchange Integration (Optional)
  • AML/KYC Identity Verification
  • Camera & Barcode Scanner
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Lockable Cash Box w/ Optional Safe
  • Remote ATM Management
  • Lifetime Technical Support & Software Updates
  • 20″ x 23″ x 60″
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How It Works

Buy Bitcoin

  • Easy To Use
  • Customizable Rates (Live Market Rate +/- %)
  • Accepts All Bills
  • Directly Buy 100+ Altcoins for cash with

Sell Bitcoin

  • Easy To Use
  • Customizable Rates (Live Market Rate +/- %)
  • Customer Selects Desired Bills ($5, $10, $20, etc.)
  • Directly Sell 100+ Altcoins for cash with
  • Cash Released after 1+ Confirmation (Customizable)

Exchange Integration

  • Optional feature
  • ATM will automatically execute market orders when customer buys/sells Bitcoin
  • Allows you to hold USD and avoid Bitcoin market fluctuations
  • Requires a verified Bitcoin exchange account

ATM Locations

Contact Info & Order Form

Sales Email:
Sales Phone: 719-301-0633

Support Email:
Support Phone: 646-450-9429

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More Info

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D.A.V.E. is brought to you by the team behind Bitcoin Center NYC and a wholly owned subsidiary of Blockchain Technologies Corp.

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